Alan’s Instructional Design and Multimedia Portfolio

Sample course  pages:

I created this 3D Model of an actual telemetry monitoring station at a local hospital that zooms in and out as the learner clicks on the different areas of the image. This presentation is used to familiarize new med techs with their workstation and responsibilities before they arrive to do their job. Simulated telemetry data on the monitors gives learners the opportunity to react to varied scenarios.

Using this virtual simulation allows learners to practice performing tasks in a safe environment where no one gets hurt as decisions are made about how to interpret patient telemetry data while also performing additional tasks like handing out monitoring equipment, keeping records and even answering the secure door via video monitor.

Picture1This is a still image from an interactive Captivate 8.0 project incorporating video shot on green screen and professionally recorded audio. This course uses a ‘scenario-up-front’ idea that allows learners to see if they understand the concepts presented before explaining them in detail. They are given the chance to use resources via links at the bottom of the screen to assist in figuring out what they need to know, as in real life. I packaged this course and published to a Learning Management System. It  is 508 Compliant and uses closed captioning.

This is a post video-scenario question screen with vital signs and 3D model for reference, again, giving the learners the resources they need to answer the question presented. I created the 3D image and hand drawn figures.

Sample animations:

Tox Box Animation

Animation created in  3D Studio Max 2014. Modeled and textured all contents which  are part of a  larger presentation allowing the user to click the image for more detailed instructions about how to use each item.

Hand-drawn Whiteboard Animations

Hand drawn graphics included in training programs, finalized in Adobe Photoshop from sketches and animated using Adobe After Effects.

3D Animations created in 3D Studio Max

3D animation created using  3ds Max 2014. Logo modeled by hand.

More samples…

Older  samples of my work in a Google presentation…


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